Trade or Donate Used Items

A Store With A Purpose:

Read the information to learn how this business has an important purpose! And you can either sell your items or donate to help in putting The HeArt In Mind Event together. It is a project backed by LizianEvents.

This store helps to support The HeArt In Mind Event held in 2022 Nottingham. For further information ~ Read Here

Need to sell an item? Call in to the store or use the contact form. I will give you an idea if it is worth trading. If you decide to sell your item: come on over to the stall and the item will be appraised and valued.

Most items which are collectible are purchased. Cameras – Audio – Records and Coins are of special interest but we usually make an offer on any item.

Remember to bring identity! We cannot buy an item of value without clear identity. Please keep this in mind when travelling to the stall.

Vinyl and Record Cleaning

We buy vinyl (both LP and 7inch) Of interest are 1970’s onward. Rock – Pop and Contemporary Artists. We pay a fair price judged on condition. Remember, the high prices seen on are for 100% Mint copies of any record.

We have a Okki Nokki record cleaner at the stall. Using the best cleaning fluids and new paper sleeves your record can be restored to a far better playing condition. Price is £2:50 for each record, remember we use the very best cleaning chemicals.

What can you expect?

Remember this is a trading business. Unless donated, we have to buy every item for resale. Sellers can use an online auction house or find a one to one buyer. This is fine, but the reality is the fees can be as much as 35% per sale. There is the time needed to pack and send out the parcel, and of course the possibility of having the item returned. Sell to Retro and Vintage and you’ll receive an immediate payment, and the transaction is finished.

How Much?

Remember, we buy stock that sometimes stays on the shelves for many weeks before being sold. The value of an item is the amount a customer is prepared to pay. Only when an item is in superb condition and fully working does it realise it full value. Worn out items have lower resale values: the is the nature of the market in used goods.

Sellers receive a fair price based on the realistic value and how quickly the item can be resold. Having bought and sold everything from industrial machinery to stamp collections, I have a good idea of realistic market prices.

Who Will Negotiate?

Ian Timothy has traded in Nottingham since 2004. He has built three successful businesses based in the city. He has an in-depth understanding of the collectors market.

Ian Says:

‘I love a deal! I love negotiation and enjoy meeting people. What could be better?’

Opening Times:

Tuesday ~ Saturday
10:00 ~ 16:30


Everything Used Retro and Vintage
112 Victoria Market

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