About the Retro and Vintage Shop

In 2020 I booked The Lady Eastwood Centre in Newark for a new event. The idea was to connect all aspects of art under one roof to give contemporary artists a feel for the exhibition circuit. We gained significant interest in the project and gained support from a prominent artist who offered support as a patron. Along came Covid; the rest is history.

Many of my friends know I’d suffer from Bi-Polar for over 30 years. A late diagnosis suggested my ‘normal’ was a deep depressive state. Diagnosis explained why I’d lived a self destructive life. Thankfully, the condition has been under control for fifteen years. But the memory of the pattern haunts to this day.

The principal way out of my illness is artistic. Photography, writing and acrylics. It is impossible to gauge the potential of art to break the chains of darkness. Knowledge and experience of the disease and the therapeutic aspect of art led me to consider another idea.

An Event:

The idea is to ask artists of any genre to exhibit their work, sell their books and music, or demonstrate artistic talents over a weekend show. The central purpose is to explain that art can be therapeutic and bring peace and solace to a troubled mind. The name of the event is HeArt In Mind.

So how can the event be funded and still work in the way envisaged? There is no charity status, and I would not seek to go down that route. So the event is to be funded either by donation or some way of earning the funds. And it seems the idea of funding by donation is worthy of consideration.

Therefore I have rented a unit in the Victoria Market to sell items either purchased or given by donation. A sort of hybrid secondhand shop! I feel the money needed for HeArt In Mind can be made, and the event will go ahead. Everyone questioned about the project and its funding have shown enthusiasm for the event.

Now, it is essential to be precise. Wages have to be paid, and there will be overheads and as already mentioned, there will never be a charity status. So, the shop is a business venture which will fund the HeArt In Mind Event. If there is a surplus over the required amount, it will be carried over into the next event.

You can read further articles about the project on this website. The LizianEvents News platform with host the HeArt in Mind events page.

Link To The Show Page


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