Everything Used – Collectable – Retro and Vintage

I will be writing weekly articles about buying and selling items at 112 Victoria Centre Nottingham. As many of my friends know my passion is trading and dealing and when the opportunity came to rent 112 Victoria Market I thought ‘Why Not!’

The best ways of trading is from a premises and the internet. Connecting to potential sellers and buyers is essential and this website is part of the story and evolution of my trading business.

The Weblog posts are focussed on special items purchased or sold and methods of trading. I would encourage any trader to have a transparent attitude to their work and business practice.

Need to sell an item? Call in to the store or send an email. I will give you an idea if it is worth trading. If you decide to sell your item: come on over to my stall and the item will be appraised and valued.

I buy most items which are collectible. Cameras – Audio – Records – Coins are of special interest but I will usually make an offer on any item.

Remember to bring identity! I will not buy any item of value without clear identity. Please keep this in mind when coming to my stall.

What can you expect to be paid?

Remember this is a trading business. Unless donated we have to buy every item for resale. If you need the best price then use a online auction house or find a one to one buyer. Remember, we have to buy stock and sometimes it will stay on our shelves for many weeks before it is sold. There is no way an item can be purchased at the so called market value.

You will receive a fair price based on the real value and how quickly the item can be resold.

Who Will Negotiate?

Ian Timothy has traded in Nottingham since 2004. He has built three successful businesses based in the city. He comes from a family of traders and has an in-depth understanding of the collectors market.

Opening Times

Tuesday ~ Saturday
10:00 ~ 16:30


Everything Used Retro and Vintage
112 Victoria Market

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